Digit Zero1 Awards 2015

December 22, 2015 — by Digit

What is Digit Zero1 Awards?

December is exciting for two special reasons for all of us here at Team Digit and the Test Centre. We can’t seem to decide as to what we’re looking forward to the most – watching the events of a galaxy far, far away or seeing the reception to our Zero1 Awards from all you readers. The anxiety is unbearable!

The force was strong this year at Digit’s Test Centre where we welcomed just under 600 products in our Mumbai and Noida locations, improving upon our 2014’s tally of about 488 products. Just for those who’re curious, that dials down to about 60 products being unboxed, tested, reviewed and compared both in print and online, each month.

Why do we do what we do? Well for starters we get to play with some of the craziest products you can think of. This year we got a levitating speaker, a robot vacuum cleaner and even a lambhorgini branded phone costing Rs. 4 lacs. But the more significant reason why we do this is because we all deserve the best products, especially when picking the right one can be so darn difficult, and we experience that every single day by engaging with our readers who reach out to us over email, forum posts, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – all looking for technology buying advice. That’s not only satisfying but it also makes us acutely aware of the trust placed by countless buyers and our responsibility to give them the best possible buying advice. To that effect, the Digit Test Centre proceeds with a single-minded goal of giving our readers the best knowledge about the latest and greatest products that have launched in the Indian market. That’s always been our aim while reviewing and writing about any product that’s printed in Digit’s Tried and Tested section pages or online, and it will continue to remain our focus as long as there are products to review in the market.

With that in mind, let’s outline the significance of this story and the iconic trophy you see on the page alongside. Zero1 Awards are fundamentally different from all other awards that we hand out on a monthly basis in our comparison tests. Unlike Best Buy and Editor’s Pick Awards, Zero1 Awards focuses solely on the performance of a product – where the price, design and features of a product don’t matter at all. It’s similar to a Best Performer Award but more exclusive as Zero1 Awards take place only once a year.

The product categories for Zero1 Award are carefully picked to ensure we have reviewed enough products in any given category to speak authoritatively about it, subsequently zeroing in on the pick of the bunch. We also summarise the highs and lows of a Zero1 Award product category in the introduction of their respective pages, trying to give our readers an idea of what transpired in that product category throughout the year, and predict future trends (if any). And although performance really is king in this Award’s category, we have also highlighted the Best Buy product in each category for the first time. This is to ensure that with this one issue of Digit, you’re armed with enough knowledge to be able to buy the best product you possibly can in the categories we’ve covered.

Many thanks to all the brand representatives who continue to support us with products, month after month, year after year. Winners of Zero1 Awards should rightfully rejoice, whereas products that fell just short of the finish line shouldn’t be disappointed – they’re great performing products, too. They have to be awesome otherwise we wouldn’t mention them here.

At last, after a rather hectic month of testing – not to mention blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights – the Digit Team is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards 2015. These are the best performing products that have entered our hallowed halls and will serve as benchmarks for future challengers to emerge.

Zero1 Closing Visual

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