Widescreen Displays

Widescreen Displays

December 18, 2015 — by Digit0


PC monitors are evolving fast, not just in terms of size and shape but also performance

Where last year was the debut of 4K UHD monitors at the premium end of the market in India, this year the trend of curved displays has well and truly taken off. We saw and reviewed possibly the two best curved 21:9 aspect ratio ultrawide QHD displays available in India right now. Also, OLED displays, it seems, will have to wait till next year. Sigh. For now, here are the best performing monitors (non-gaming) of the year!

Zero1 Winner: LG 34UC97C

The LG 34UC97C provided a stunning 34-inch curved UWQHD (3440×1440) panel which did an especially good job of displaying moving visuals and delivering a heightened sense of cinematic brilliance. Yes, it narrowly trailed behind the second placed Benq BL3201PT in all the important benchmark scores mathematically, but our subjective experience on this monitor was slightly better than on the Benq, to be honest, and that made all the difference. Watching movies was really something on this widescreen monitor (black bars notwithstanding) and its ultra-wide resolution gave you screen real-estate of almost two-full widescreen displays which was extremely beneficial. For reading, too, the LG delivered the highest PixPerAn we’ve received on a large-screened monitor all year – 10 vs 8 (of Benq). If you have a preference for LG and want to stay loyal to it, you won’t be doing anything wrong by choosing the LG 34UC97C over the Benq B3201PT.
Price: Rs. 88,000

Second: Benq BL3201PT

The BL3201PT 32-inch 4K UHD LED monitor impressed us with its overall brightness, contrast and colour gamut prowess – departments where it narrowly outstripped the LG monitor. Its backlight bleed was also slightly less compared to the LG’s and it was most visible while watching overly dark frames in a scene. Where it lacked mostly in terms of its head-to-head competition with the LG display was in the movies and videos playback department. However, if you need the 4K UHD experience, you won’t go wrong with this Benq choice.
Price: Rs. 1,15,000

Third: ASUS PB287Q

Another 4K UHD monitor from ASUS professional range, the PB287Q came in second in our Zero1 Awards 2014 edition. However, this monitor’s so good, that it continues to feature high up on our recommendation list. It may not be the stellar performer as it once was, in light of fresh competition, but it still is a great option for consumers to explore.
Price: Rs. 51,000

Best Buy: Dell UltraSharp P2815Q

With a 28-inch screen, the Dell UltraSharp is the cheapest great monitor 4K UHD monitor available in the market, which is especially great for reading or office-related work.
Price: Rs. 45,000