Zero1 Awards 2018 – Health – Fitness Trackers

December 6, 2018 — by Digit0


2018 was an interesting year for fitness trackers, especially in the affordable section. Tech, such as optical heart rate sensors and colour displays became more prevalent, while others features such as blood pressure tracking became available in devices under Rs 5,000. Newcomers like Huami offered built-in GPS tracking at under Rs 10,000. Yes sir, 2018 was one very interesting year and we cannot for 2019. Before that, let’s see which devices set the benchmark in 2018.

2018 Zero1 Award Winner: Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Sapphire

Fitness trackers Zero1 Awards 2018

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Sapphire is not the cheapest fitness tracker in the market but it’s a top performer. The device is aimed at athletes or active individuals in general. So, you don’t get creature comforts like a touchscreen. It also offers pretty accurate metrics such as heart rate, altitude, fat burn zones, route tracking and more. It tracks everything from Yoga to skiing.

Of all the fitness trackers we tested, the Fenix 5X gave us the most accurate metric. For example, it was able to track our step count accurate to a single step. You also get plenty of apps and watch faces to play around with. To top that, we’re pretty sure that the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is tough enough to be used as a cudgel. It’s the closest you will get to 100 percent accurate in terms of fitness tracking and metrics, making it the winner of our Zero1 Award.

Runner-Up: Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic lost out to the Garmin at the last minute, but there’s no shame in that. It offers everything that the everyday fitness freak would want in a smartwatch. Accurate route tracking, multiple activity tracking, water resistance and more. It can track runs, bike riding as well as workouts. You also get a relatively large touch screen for easy navigation. The Fitbit app is pretty handy as well. The app features the Fitbit Coach, that guides users through a set of exercises.

The Iconic also offers about four to five days of battery life, which is pretty impressive. It only loses out to the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Sapphire because of the better accuracy of the Fenix 5X fitness tracker overall. The Fitbit Ionic fitness tracker was not too far behind the Garmin though, and it costs only a fraction of the Fenix.

Best Buy: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi’s Mi Band series tend to offer very good value for money, and this year was no different. However, it got strong competition from the Lenovo HX03F Spectra, but narrowly won thanks to its impressive battery life and a slightly better activity tracking. The device looks a lot like its predecessor but also includes a touch screen that users can swipe across to access the various functions of the device. It can not only track exercises and runs, but also offers weather updates for up to three days.

It offers a lightweight design as well as an optical heart rate monitor for less than Rs.2,000. Further, the wearable can work together with the company’s Mi Body Composition weighing scale. The smart scale pairs with the same Mi Fit app and the information from the two are offered together. As a result, you can see how well your new workout regimen is helping you out with your weight. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a stepping stone for anyone to try out a fitness tracker to see if it helps them get fit, and that is not a bad thing in any way.



December 18, 2015 — by Digit

Checking the time was never this geeky, as smartwatches showed huge improvements in the performance deparment

Wearables are still fairly new globally, with the market being at a nascent stage. Smartwatches, though, have a definite appeal for a lot of people. They’ve been promoted through history, in sci-fi movies, cartoons, comics and so on. Which is perhaps why the current generation smartwatches have left many a tad disappointed.
In the two or so years that this market has been growing, there have been some pretty innovative devices for us to look at, many of which entered the fray just this year.

Zero1 Winner: Apple Watch

Apple may have taken its time to bring it to India, and the Apple Watch may not be the most economical gadget to buy today, but it’s hard to deny the user experience that you get from it – nothing but the best. Considering the smartwatches that you can find in the market today, Apple’s vertical ecosystem seems to have once again allowed the technology giant to come up with a product that is superior to its competitors, even if by a little bit.
If you own an iPhone and are sitting on a pile of cash, this would be the only smartwatch that you should buy. Of course, we recognise that being compatible with iOS devices alone isn’t exactly a good thing, but we also can’t overlook the fact that the Apple Watch is simply great when it comes to performance and design. It is easily the most premium of all the smartwatches that you can buy in India right now and Apple’s innovation with the digital crown has set it apart from its peers.
Be it the Siri integration, or talking directly through the Apple Watch, in the current market, this is a job well done. The Apple Watch doesn’t stutter or get stuck at tasks like many Android Wear powered smartwatches do. A worthy winner!
Price: Rs. 34,900

Second: LG Watch Urbane

The LG Watch Urbane has its strong suit in how it looks on your wrist. With the right strap, the Urbane is the closest a smartwatch has come to looking like a real watch, which is something many critics have found lacking from these watches. In addition, LG has been doing well to support the Watch Urbane and the fact that it can work with an iPhone, albeit with limited functionality, is an added plus for it.
Like many other smartwatches though, the Watch Urbane also costs a pretty penny, but it is a good buy for enthusiasts who have the cash to spend.
Price: Rs. 29,900

Best Buy: Moto 360 (1st Gen)

It’s a pity that the newest variant of the Moto 360 smartwatch hasn’t been brought to India yet, but as far as this year’s awards are concerned, that just makes it better for the original Moto 360. Having dropped its pricing to Rs. 13,999, this is easily the best buy amongst smartwatches in India right now. It runs well and can bring you an accurate depiction of Android Wear, without breaking the bank.
When Motorola originally announced it in India, we were quite disappointed with the pricing, but with its price dropped now, this smartwatch, though older generation, is anything but obsolete. It works with most Android phones out there, and with Android Wear on iOS, it can go with an iPhone too. It delivers almost every feature that Android Wear boasts and does so with respectable fluidity and smoothness.
Considering the fact that most buyers today want to just try a smartwatch to get a feel of these devices, the Moto 360 is the ideal pick. You won’t have to spend a whole lot of money, but get to enjoy the full power of Android Wear and smartwatches.
Price: Rs. 13,999


Fitness Bands

December 18, 2015 — by Digit0


Which best performing smartband deserves to be on your wrist?

As far as wearables are concerned, fitness bands make a bit more sense to people than smartwatches. If you’re into fitness, you might find one of these gadgets really useful. In addition, the fitness band market in India took a sharp turn this year, with big names like Fitbit and Jawbone entering the market, while there’s also an even spread of devices across price ranges that can be bought now.
You can buy a fitness band in India for as low as Rs. 1,000 right now, or go as high as Rs. 20,000, and the efficiency, accuracy and all other characteristics will change based on the pricing, just like it used to when smartphones originally started selling.

Zero1 Winner: Jawbone UP3

Despite the fact that fitness bands are health oriented devices, their looks are really important, simply because they have to be on your person at most times. The Jawbone UP3 accomplishes the balance between style and functionality admirably. It has an aluminium body, which easily fits with most other accessories that you would wear on your hand. That isn’t the only reason we’re giving it the award though.
One of the most useful aspects of the Jawbone UP3 is that it can detect when you’re sleeping automatically, which is important considering how often we can forget to put a smartband on sleep mode before going to sleep. In addition, the band is capable of tracking your resting and passive heart rate, steps and workouts. It is also light and unintrusive.
Despite the things it can do though, the best part of the Jawbone UP3 is the UP app that it functions with. Jawbone’s UP app, which is where you will see all your data gathering, is arguably the best fitness app on the app stores right now. It is well designed, easy to use and has a smart coach feature that is truly fast. In fact, the Jawbone’s Smart Coach can be especially useful for us procrastinators who keep planning to exercise but never actually get down to it. The app has a way of pushing you into it without you realising what happened.
Price: Rs. 14,999

Second: Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR can do everything that the Jawbone UP3 does, but it loses the top prize for three main reasons. These include the app, battery life and looks. The Charge HR has a minimalistic design, but doesn’t quite look as attractive as a fitness band should. In addition, it’s battery life goes up to about 5 days, which is about two days less than what the UP3 can deliver.
That said, the Fitbit Charge HR is still the best band that Fitbit is selling in India right now. It’s accurate, and hence dependable enough to track your heart rate, sleep cycle, steps etc. without any glitches. The fact that it has a tiny display of its own also allows the Fitbit Charge HR to be used as a watch, which puts a few points in its favour. If you want Fitbit’s brand name then this is the band to go for right now.
Price: Rs. 12,990

Best Buy: Jawbone UP2

The Jawbone UP2 is lighter than the UP3 and doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, but it also costs lesser than both the UP3 and the Fitbit Charge HR. In terms of looks, it could easily be considered as the best out of the three. The UP3 looks like a friendship band, which means you can wear a regular watch and have this on the same wrist, without people asking questions. Moreover, the UP2 is as accurate as the UP3 and can also track when you’re sleeping automatically. The fact that Jawbone’s UP app is our pick of fitness apps adds the cherry on the cake.
Price: Rs. 9,999