Zero1 Awards 2017
The Zero1 Awards exemplify the best of performance and the year 2017 has had some remarkable products.

What are the Zero1 Awards?

Every year, for the past 16 years now, December is the month we announce our Zero1 Awards. While most of you already know this, and have probably skipped past this intro already, there are many who are just joining us as readers who we need to give the lowdown to.
Digit’s Zero1 Awards are given out to the best performing products of the year, in an effort to remind you of what you should consider buying – if you’re the type that has to have the absolute best products. It’s also our way of rewarding brands for putting in tonnes of research and development, and coming up with the best performing product. Sometimes this could be a product that’s been in the market for most of the year, and sometimes that could be a product that’s launched as late as November! In order to keep thing’s fair, we accept products that were launched in the 12 month period between Zero1 Awards. Thus, for this year, these are the very best products that were launched between November 16 2016, and November 15 2017. Why such weird dates? Because we publish the awards on December 1 every year, and we’re not superhuman, we need time to test them.
And when we say “test them” we mean putting all of the products listed here through the wringer that is our comprehensive test process. Each and every category we cover has a rigorous test process that’s followed for each product, and then a winner is calculated. It’s almost the same test process as all the other reviews we do, except that it has no scores being awarded for features, or price.
This is unique, and nowhere else will you get a rundown of the best performing products of the year, because most others “review” products instead of testing them. This isn’t about the opinion of reviewers, this is about pure performance, and the ability of a product to just do the best job currently

possible. So, for example, when you ask the question, “What’s the best performing gaming laptop in india” you need to check out our Zero1 Award winner, because that’s the only place you will get this answer.
There’s another reason why the Zero1 Awards is so important. Because we don’t look at price, and pure performance, we get to showcase products that you might have heard about, but didn’t pay too much attention to because of budget restrictions. Yes, some have made the mistake of thinking this award only makes sense to rich kids with deep pockets, because all of the products here are usually expensive. That isn’t why we do it though. In fact, usually, a tech product that wins the Zero1 Award is considered the industry benchmark for the year. And what do brands love to do with benchmarks? Beat them of course. Think of the Zero1 Awards as a predictor of things to come in 2018. The new devices that launch in 2018 will have to better this benchmark, and not just compete in terms of performance, but also price!
All of these Zero1 Award winners will set the tone for the high end segment in the next year, and show you what features and performance you can expect from more budget friendly products going forward!
We want to thank all of the brands and their representatives for participating in the competition. Congratulations to them if they won, and commiserations if they didn’t, but it doesn’t change the fact that every single product that appears in the pages that follow are the absolute best in their respective categories, and often the margins of victory are so tiny, that it almost seems unfair… but such is life, especially in technology… Forgive us while we collapse quietly in the corner while you read this, because as always, the Zero1 Awards bring even the strongest amongst us to our knees in exhaustion. Enjoy, and remember to send us feedback.

2017 Zero1 Awards Winners

Past Zero1 Award Winners